Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den

Client BBC

Project Description

BAFTA nominated series II presented very different challenges. The major one being that we were unable to use the Series 1 location because of noisy building work taking place next door! The hunt was on for a new location that looked like the old one! So we had to find another location with a similar staircase, similar windows, similar floor, similar height, similar area, etc, etc.

A fruitless search ensued culminating, after some persuasion, in the production agreeing to our solution. i.e.: – build a set within a location. Thus having found a warehouse location in East London that had a suitable floor with a sizeable hole in it, we got to work.

We sanded and varnished the floor, built a matching staircase, installed large sections of scenic wall and recreated an entire run of windows behind which we installed an artist painted backcloth. With the addition of several scaled down trees accompanied by electric fans to gently gyrate the foliage the illusion was almost complete. We then arranged the chairs and tables and added the props used in Series1.

Thus another Dragons Den was created. One which we believe has enhanced the look of the production. It looks more dramatic and allows us better use of longer, deeper camera angles.