BBC Commonwealth Games – Glasgow

ECD have been chosen to design and construct the presentation set for the BBC coverage of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The Challenge

BBC Sport required a series of studio and ancillary area sets that would be used for the main commonwealth games presentation over the duration of this major sporting event. The main set would be created and fit within a newly built studio structure positioned on the Clyde River bank. A secondary ‘highlights’ studio area would also be positioned inside the existing BBC Scotland HQ foyer. These sets needed to allow for various camera positions, set changes and guest and band introductions throughout the busy sporting days, this would need to be a simple solution with as little physical set alteration between the shows as possible.

The main presentation set would also be used every day as the main BBC breakfast presentation set during this event period.

The Solution

We created a series of design solutions for all the areas that embraced the locality with its shipping and architectural heritage. This heritage has been reflected within the design of the main featured desks and flooring finishes. The graphics embraced the influence of the commonwealth branding and the BBC. The main presentation set has been fully designed and supplied with the latest technology to create a presentation arrangement that is positioned carefully to take full advantage of the window aspect architectural views through the main studio backing, during the day and evening periods. The lighting system within the set construction are DMX controlled, this fully integrated system allows full flexibility of the lighting control for all the required production elements with the ability to adapt all colours and levels at the touch of a button on both the set rostra and feature desks.

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