Hospital Simulator for Elision Health

Client Elision Health

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Project Description

This project was a year in gestation. It stemmed from an idea by Chris Betts, Chief Operations Manager for our client Elision Health. The requirement was for a realistic environment in which health professionals could be filmed in various training exercises.

We were involved in the project from the outset, the first task being to find a suitable environment in which to build the set. The building chosen is a large multi storey office block in the heart of Leicester, five minutes walk from the mainline station.

We had to liaise with architects, building surveyors and a construction project manager throughout the installation as our set formed an integral part of a complete refurbishment of this building by Elision. We had to comply with a variety of statutory building and planning regulations throughout the design and construction process, which pushed this project well beyond the normal parameters of a standard studio set-build.

The set comprises a number of separate areas which can be redressed or combined to allow for a variety of training scenarios.

A spinal corridor runs the full length of the space. This provides access to a three bed ward, a nurse’s station, conference/meeting room, consultant’s surgery, waiting room/reception, a domestic interior and a large storage facility.

The main entrance to the set sits at one end of the corridor, and we installed a backlit glass-brick wall at the other end to enhance depth and provide an illusion of external space.

There are various strike-able (removable) walls which allow certain areas to be enlarged to meet differing training requirements.

Surrounding the set on three sides is a peripheral corridor which provides access to toilets, a kitchen, green room and recording gallery. Currently there are thirteen cameras installed on the set which allow for playback during feedback sessions following the completion of each training scenario.

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