Food and Drink BBC2

BBC Food and Drink

The Challenge

Eye-catching design have just completed the design, build and installation for this new production of the iconic BBC Food and Drink being filmed at Teddington Studios for BBC TV and BBC Worldwide. This newly updated series will now be hosted by Michelle Roux Jnr with celebrity chefs joining him week by week to share expert cookery skills, experiences and opinions. Michelle will also be joined by wine tasting guru Kate Goodman to give her expert opinion on the latest and traditional wines available to accompany the dishes he creates.

The Solution

The set has been designed and built to feature a light and airy modern kitchen space that allows for food to be prepared and filmed easily. Secondary spaces have also been included that create both depth and featured ancillary use as a wine store or guest feature presentation area. The central Island unit features accent lights above and a working area that is big enough for chefs to work side by side as dishes are created. You can see this new BBC2 Series broadcast on Monday nights at 8.30pm.

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